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Clean Air Healthcare Ltd is a UK based distributor of a non-invasive medical device for the reduction of inhalent allergens for use by asthma sufferers in the home which has also been proved effective in other medical, scientific, and industrial applications.


The Electromedia Models 35F, 50C and 100C are designed to circulate/re-circulate contaminated air at large hourly change- rates in a hospital ward/room through a three stage filter system. This patented filter system consists in sequence of a pre-filter, a high voltage enhanced media filter and a chemisorption filter, each of which are individually profiled to remove specific airborne particulate/gaseous contaminants. The filter system has to be replaced periodically and on a disciplined basis (normally every six months) in accordance with our recommendations so as to maintain efficacy of operation.

Reports on our products, some of which were carried out in the Western (Dr. Charlie McSharry) and by Glasgow Occupational Health (Dr. Ian Dale) can be found here.  For test purposes we have installed a Model 50C in the Podiatry Department at the Southern General (particulate/gas removal) and a Model (100C at Stobhill (MRSA) (Ward 6) which you may wish to inspect.

Model 35F unit is 250/350 cfm (cubic feet per minute) depending on speed control setting (floor mounted)

Model 50C and 100C units are 500 cfm and 100 cfm (ceiling mounted)

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